I help you create a photography business you love with intentionally designed resources and products.

I'm Magan!

Hey, y'all!

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I'm on a mission to encourage and equip photographers  with tools and community to build a business with intention and strategy that they love! My blog serves to be an open and honest place for small business advice from starting your photography business, to shooting/editing and beyond. The Mint Magnolia Shop provides ready-made tools to help elevate your marketing and client experiences across the industry.

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On the channel, I share tips and advice as well as host guest experts in our industry. I will show you how to use my go to tools for your biz, and creating an amazing customer experience. Come on in and sit a while, and maybe grab a glass of sweet ice tea!

consider it a podcast on steroids

magan's southern sayin's

well i reckon there's a storm a brewin'

all y'all goin' over yonder?

she's madder than an old wet hen

What in heavens name?

i'm fixin' to...

bless y'all

slower than cold molasses

I am all the things behind Mint Magnolia Photography, wife, mom of three, and frequent flier at Chick-Fil-A.

Photographer and Educator

I'm Magan!

Hey, y'all!