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I'm Magan!

Wife, mama, and educator obsessed with chick-fil-a mac & cheese and dry shampoo.

An entrepreneur since the ripe old age of 5 when I would sell a single cracker with spreadable cheese from my lunch box for $0.25. 

I have built a successful photography business while working for a decade in the insurance industry. 

I hold my Masters in Education and love to teach. So it is no secret that I would teach from all I have learned along the way.

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Finding your niche!

Hey y’all! Let’s talk about finding our niche!

When we all start out on this photography journey and building our business, we take all sorts of gigs…family, children, milestones, mini sessions (ugh, that’s another topic for another day), engagements, and if we are brave enough we will try out weddings and newborn photograph!

I have tried them ALL. Newborn STILL terrify me…yes me, the girl who had 3 kids in less than 5 years. I’m good at mommin’ ’em, not at photographing them in the “super amazing newborn posing kind of ways!” I have friends who love newborn photography and are AMAZING at it, but that is their niche! They found what they loved and studied and got really, really good at it! Which is why I am sharing what I am sharing here!

Once you find what you love photographing the most, and trust me, you will know without a doubt, then start doing all the things you can to get really, REALLY good at it!

I’m not just talking about perusing (fancy southern word here for scrolling) Pinterest for good posing ideas. I’m talking about educating yourself. Seeking out the best of the best in that area and learning from them.

There are multitudes of free blog posts, and free webinars, and then there are digital courses you can purchase! Do as much free as you can, I always say, but know that it is very important to invest in yourself and your business. I can promise you that investing in a course, workshop, or mentor will pay off big time in your work product and experience for your clients!

We are all forever students, so always be a student of what it is you love the most!

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