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How I Stay Organized


Hey ladies!

As entreprenuers and moms, living life fully, happily, and efficiently is a demanding project every day! I often am asked how I do it, and y’all, I am far from what one may call a super-mom. I have friends who have 4 (or more!) children and I’m wondering how they pull it all off every single day, because hello?! Four kids!

I want to pull back the curtain to tell you how I keep our lives moving at home while I work a full-time job (Monday – Friday), as well as keep up with all that’s involved as a photography entrepreneur and as a mother of three! I’m so excited to share my top 3 lifesaving organizers which help us to keep it all together!

The Home Base Binder

First, Emily Ley has an unbelievably effective home organizational tool: her Home Base Binder. It has sections in it for families (complete with its perpetual calendar), contacts, project planning pages, meal planning and grocery list pages, finances and monthly spending plan pages, and even a heart/family bucket list. It is a timesaving and labor-saving home manager and planner! This might be my favorite and saves me from having multiple things in multiple notebooks across the house!

My next vital organizer is the Simplified Planner by Emily Ley (yes! I’m a fan girl of hers!) which keeps my hectic days and all my appointments streamlined and minimized. It will help you simplify your days and focus on the most important things in your life! The Simplified Planner is super cute, super-efficient, and a must-have for all busy momprenuers (or just moms!) like me!

Finally, the essential which eliminates the daily challenge for picking out clothes for the kids at my house: the hanging clothes storage cubby that I found on Amazon! This is so affordable ($9 – $15) that each kid has one hanging in their closet, and I use it at the beginning of every week as an active strategy. Here’s the idea: I pick out my kids’ clothes every Sunday and organize each outfit for each day into one cubby for every day of the upcoming week. Weekly clothes organization: one and done!

I hope this gives you some ideas to streamline and simplify your life.

SO go forth, organize, and get your time back!


  1. Angie says:

    I love my Simplified Planner too!!!

  2. Ashton says:

    Obsessed with my simplified planner!

  3. Lauren says:

    I need so much organization help! I do have one of her planners though! Pretty sure it’s this one too!

  4. Leslie says:

    Ugh, I LOVE that hanging organizer so much! Ordering one ASAP for my kiddos!

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