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I'm Magan!

Wife, mama, and educator obsessed with chick-fil-a mac & cheese and dry shampoo.

An entrepreneur since the ripe old age of 5 when I would sell a single cracker with spreadable cheese from my lunch box for $0.25. 

I have built a successful photography business while working for a decade in the insurance industry. 

I hold my Masters in Education and love to teach. So it is no secret that I would teach from all I have learned along the way.

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My Camera Bag on Wedding Day

I am often asked what I have in my bag on wedding day. Well the obvi, of course, and that is listed below, but the craziest things can happen at any wedding, and you can prevent a photographer catastrophe (or bridal party wardrobe catastrophe) by simply adding the essential items below to your wedding day camera bag!

  • Extra camera body – buy, borrow, or rent one! (What could be much worse for a photographer shooting a wedding than to have a broken camera body and nothing to switch to?)  A great place to rent: Lensrentals
  • LOTS of memory cards – then add a few more to the bag
  • I bring 3 lenses with me; but if you rent one, test it out a day or two before you use it at the event
  • Extra camera batteries, fully charged – I have 2 extras in my bag plus the two that are in the camera bodies
  • Extra camera battery charger
  • Flash – I use my Nikon SB-700 Speedlight which can be an on-camera or off-camera flash
  • Wireless Speedlight Commander Unit for when I swap to off-camera flash (and extra batteries)
  • Extra batteries for speed light (I use Panasonic Eneloop Pro)
  • Battery charger for speed light batteries (mine came with my Eneloop’s mentioned above)
  • Lens cleaner- use a cloth or a pen
  • Kleenex
  • Pain reliever (I can’t be the only one with foot and back pain being on my feet for 10+ hours on wedding day…)
  • Chapstick/lip gloss/lipstick
  • Extra clothes and shoes (Have them ready to go in the car… you NEVER know, y’all)
  • Business cards – I don’t know how many times I’ve been asked for a business card while shooting. Have them readily accessible to quickly hand to those who ask
  • Snacks (easy to pack and able to be eaten quickly, i.e., granola/protein bars are perfect and can slip into the bag easily)
  • Hair ties (I call them ponytail holders, anyone else?) and bobby pins
  • Tide Pen/Shout Wipes – Save the day by saving the bride’s gown (or bridesmaids – it happens at most weddings before pictures get started)!
  • Safety pins and travel-sized sewing kit
  • Essential Oils – this is my favorite!  This is not an advertisement or a ploy to sell to you because I really am in love with the Deep Relief Roller by Young Living. I use this mostly for my lower back when it starts to bother me after several hours of shooting! As for other essential oils…it never hurts to have a calming oil for the bride.

I recently added my list of what equipment and other accessories I have, and you can find it here if you are interested.

…and even more surprises that are coming your way…I am working on a mini course as you read this, all about wedding day details!

  1. Ally says:

    This is perfect! I’ve been needing a list like this!

  2. Audrey says:

    Thanks for sharing all the awesomeness you have!

  3. Lindsay says:

    I love the detailed list!! Way to stay organized!!

  4. Tasha says:

    This list is everything. Thanks for sharing

  5. You’ve got quite the set up!

  6. Raina says:

    I love it!! Sounds like the friendly cousin to my wedding planner emergency kit!

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