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Why You Should Have An Unplugged Wedding

Let’s talk about why you should plan to have an “unplugged” wedding!

It seems everywhere anyone goes, they have their smart phone glued to their hands. Having technology at our fingertips has just became a way of life for most of us. Why wouldn’t it be? We can shop, do research, navigate with maps, pay bills, and communicate…all in one small device!

What’s something else we can do from our smartphones? Take photos. With social media making it so easy to share images documenting our every day lives with others, the cameras on our phones usually get a lot of use! I mean, who doesn’t want to see that Instagram photo of that lovely meal you just had?

What does this have to do with brides?

Imagine this, you have spent months planning your wedding. You have hired all of your vendors, ordered flowers, sent out invitations, bought the dress, planned out every detail and the timeline of the day, and invested a lot of time into your big day. Why? Because it’s just that, A BIG DAY!

Not only is it a big day that requires a lot of planning, but it’s also a very SPECIAL day. You will be standing in front of your family, friends, and those dearest to you marrying the love of your life. It’s the day you will take their last name. It’s the day the two of you will be joined as one. And it’s the day that begins your journey as a married couple. That’s kind of a big deal wouldn’t you say?

Let’s talk about the hired photographer

Photographers invest a lot of time into preparing to photograph a wedding. They meet with the bride and groom to be, they communicate on a regular basis to ensure they are staying on the same page as far as the timeline goes. They do research and put thought into posing ideas. They make sure all of their gear is good to go and make sure they have backups for everything… just in case. And when the big day comes, they are constantly focused on everything around them. After all, you hired them to capture this day perfectly. It’s a lot of work and requires a ton of attention to detail. They aim to please, but there is one thing in particular that can make that difficult for them… YOUR GUESTS AND THEIR PHONES.

But why? Everyone always has their phones, right? What’s the big deal?

It isn’t necessarily the phone that is the issue. It’s the camera on the phone.

Imagine the photographer going through your images when all is said and done, and they get to some photos that SHOULD have shown once in a lifetime moments and expressions, ONLY TO HAVE GUESTS AND/OR THEIR CELL PHONES BLOCKING THE SHOT. Yep, this actually happens, and unfortunately it happens quite often.

Would you rather be able to see that “you may now kiss the bride” moment in the photo, or your coworker Karen’s hand sticking out in the aisle blocking your faces? I think the answer is obvious. Also…why did you invite Karen anyway?

These moments can’t be redone. It’s a one time moment that the photographer only gets one shot at. Literally.

So how do you avoid this?

The solution is simple. Have an unplugged wedding. This means requiring your guests to refrain from taking images during the ceremony and during group and couple photos. Leave the photo taking up to the pros!

Some fear this will make them seem rude in some way. I mean, telling someone they can’t take photos? But it’s NOT rude at all. You spent a lot of time, invested a lot of money, and have been anticipating this special day for quite some time now. You have every right to not want your photos ruined by something as simple as a cell phone.

How do you enforce this rule?

There are ways to request this without coming off as rude or demanding.

Pinterest is full of ideas for signs to place around the venue/location. The signs can be made to blend in with the décor, all while getting the message across.

One example of something you may want to put on the sign is this:

“Keep your phone cameras away! Just relax and help us celebrate, we prefer it that way! We hired a pro to capture the show, so let her (or him) have her space.”

Okay, maybe that was a little cheesy? But you get the point. It’s straightforward, but not rude.

Also, it wouldn’t hurt to request this when sending out invitations. This way they know ahead of time what to expect.

Will everyone listen?

Probably not. Attending a ceremony that is so special can make it tempting to take photos. If nothing else, odds are, they will at least be mindful of where the photographer is, as to not ruin any shots.

Also, you can designate a time and place for them to snap some photos of their own. The goal is to keep them out of the line of fire when the photographer has to be at a distance to get their shots.

And you can ALWAYS share articles (yes this is a thing now) such as THIS ONE on your social media pages prior to the big day to get the hint across.

So happy planning, my dear! This is YOUR day, take control of it!

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