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My Client Gallery Host

For The Photographer

…and why you NEED to check them out!

I have something VERY exciting to share!

A few months ago I swapped over to a new gallery system, and I have to tell you all the amazing things about it that I love! You will want to read this if you are searching for a gallery, or even considering moving your galleries (and let me tell you, it was worth the time to move them, which wasn’t that much time by the way!)

I have transitioned to CLOUDSPOT!!!

Why did I make the change, and why do I LOVE IT SO MUCH?!

  • I am in love with how it can drag and drop a LARGE wedding folder that is packed full of sub folders and it uploads (quickly) and keep my organization the exact same!
  • The upload speed is INSANELY fast! What once took hours to upload into my old gallery system, now only takes minutes (sometimes seconds if it is a smaller gallery!)
  • I can upload an event, like a wedding, and then within the event I can have categories that keep things organized i.e., ceremony, detail shots, getting ready shots, reception, first look
  • I can have a family gallery for a repeat client that has ALL of their sessions with me inside of it, but organized by session, season, holiday, or year so they can easily find that image of their baby when he was 6 months old without looking through hundreds of images.
  • It has the capability to easily match my brand so MY logos show up and MY brand colors show up
  • I can have email templates (remember those that I gave you specific to gallery delivery?!) installed inside of CloudSpot for easy access to send online galleries to my clients!
  • I can sell prints using a vendor that fills them or I can self-fulfill (this is the option I choose due to the fine art print vendor I use now, more on that soon!) and I can run print sales direct through the galleries too!
  • The images are always HIGH RES!

…and my favorite feature…


That’s right! I can create a personalized mobile app for each client’s gallery that they can put right on their phone for super easy access to their images. The app is so easy to install and very fast!

I seriously could go on and on about how much I am loving this gallery host, but just go see for yourself! I can’t think of a better way to end your week than to sign up with a new gallery company that is doing such awesome things for photographers!

Their pricing starts out FREE for 1GB of storage, but if you need a little more it is only $10-40 / month depending on your storage needs UNLESS you want to use my handy dandy 20% link for 20% your entire first year!

If you have ANY trouble at all, just reach out to their amazing customer service team and tell them I sent you. They have been most helpful for me when I have had questions and I know they will be as equally awesome for you!

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