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How to be the most helpful Maid of Honor Ever

Brides, you’re going to want to forward this one to your maid of honor as soon as you’re done reading! If you’re a maid of honor who found this post because you were searching for ways to make your bride’s wedding day less stressful—you’re the real MVP.

Your wedding day should be full of joy, love, laughing with your besties, kisses with your new spouse, champagne, and some cake. You do not need to be fielding calls, answering questions, or considering logistics on your Big Day. You absolutely need an event coordinator or planner, but that’s a post for another day. Today we’re focusing on how your Maid (or Matron) of Honor can help make your wedding day a relaxed and joyful experience. So MOHs, listen up! This one’s for you.

Take the bride’s phone.

Someone will inevitably call her on her wedding day with a question or request for information. A guest will text to ask what time the ceremony begins. There’s no end to the unnecessary communication requests that will trickle in. Cut these off at the source by taking your bride’s phone and managing her calls and texts. You can even use her phone for all the bridesmaid selfies and candid photos throughout the night. She’ll love having the freedom of no outside contact and looking through her photos after the celebration will be a special surprise.

Pack an emergency kit.

As MOH, you are basically the on-call first responder. Take a note from the Boy Scouts and be prepared. For anything. Buy a cute bag and fill it with everything the bride (and other bridesmaids) could possibly need. White chalk is perfect for covering last-minute stains on her gown. Double-sided fashion tape can fix any number of woes. You’ll also want to include: ibuprofen, allergy medicine, Cortisone cream, safety pins, bleach pen, bobby pins, sewing kit, eye drops, extra lipstick, spare earring backs, a phone charger, and some cash. It may feel like overkill, but you’ll be the hero of the day when the bride needs to tip the valet at her hotel or gets a tear in her hem.

Carry a copy of the day-of schedule and vendor contact info.

Know what is supposed to happen throughout the wedding day. Get together with the bride a week or two before her Big Day to go through the schedule. Make sure you understand where you are supposed to be and when. This way, if the wedding coordinator is held up dealing with the florist and it’s time to take wedding party photos, you can keep everyone on schedule. Don’t let the bride and the wedding coordinator be the only ones who understand the schedule of events!

Be the boss.

The bride shouldn’t have to be the boss on her wedding day. If the groomsmen are goofing around and not taking photos seriously, you need to be ready to whip them into line. If the DJ plays a song you know the bride hates, you need to be the one to tell him to switch up the track. You’re basically the royal guard for your bride—make sure she’s treated like the queen she is. The more you step up and take charge, the more your bestie will enjoy her Big Day.

Play hostess.

Guests will inevitably have a lot of questions. It’s your job to be ready with answers! If you’re around as guests arrive, make sure no one accidentally sees the bride before she walks down the aisle. Know where the gifts should go and if there’s a special container for cards. At the reception, thank guests for coming and direct them to the food and bar. If the newlyweds have a sweetheart table at dinner, you may want to stand nearby and fend off guests who try to approach for a picture or chat with the couple. When it’s time to for the couple to exit their reception, help guide guests to the right location and keep everyone organized.

It’s a huge honor to be asked to be the MOH. It’s also a lot of work! Make sure you discuss the bride’s expectations of you when accepting the invitation so there are no unexpected surprises. Remember that a wedding is a huge, complex event that requires a lot of planning and work. It’s also only one day out of the thousands of days your friendship has spanned, so don’t let wedding logistics get in the way of the love and excitement you feel for the bride.

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