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I have built a successful photography business while working for a decade in the insurance industry. 

I hold my Masters in Education and love to teach. So it is no secret that I would teach from all I have learned along the way.

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Cheap & Free Marketing Tips for Photographers

As business owners, we are always looking for marketing tips to get our names out there and be noticed.

Especially in such a competitive field as photography. It seems as though there is a photographer on every corner and the industry keeps growing daily.

So how can we, as photographers, really get our name on the map and stay relevant in our niche? And more importantly, what are some ways we can do it for cheap or completely free?

Here are some things you can do to set a name for yourself and draw interest to your services.

Social Media Marketing Tips

One of the most commonly used sources of cheap or free marketing is social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.. are all wonderful platforms to take advantage of when looking to build up your clientele.

While you do have the option to pay small fees to boost your presence on these platforms, you also have the benefit of all of the free perks these sites have to offer.

It seems everyone has a social media account of some sort. This day and age, it has become very common for this to be the main way people stay in touch with not only family and friends, but also businesses for services needed.

Having a business profile for your photography business on social media platforms can greatly benefit your business and social presence.

Use sites like Facebook and Instagram to post special offers, announce news and events, and share your work and images with your followers. You can also share any blog posts that will take them to your website.

Blogging for Marketing

Speaking of blogging, that alone is another easy and affordable way to market yourself.

If you service clients and do photo sessions only, you can blog about sessions where you can show “sneak peeks” and maybe tell a behind the scenes story.

blogging for photography marketing

This will help potential clients get a more personal feel of what a session would be like with you. And as an added bonus, clients are likely to share your blog posts that put them in the spotlight with family and friends.

If you are more of a photography educator, and your services are geared more towards other photographers, you can use blogging in a completely different way. For example, you could share posts/articles covering everything from shooting and editing techniques, business and marketing tips, and news on the latest gear.

The possibilities are really endless with blogging. The key is to stay consistent and interesting. And always add links to your website and social media platforms in your posts. This will ensure you get noticed on all of your self-marketing sites.

Work With Vendors

Many vendors are always looking for photographers to work with. Whether it’s a wedding venue, or something as simple as a florist, vendors use professional photographers to get nice images showcasing their services.

When a vendor uses you, typically they will give credit to the photographer when using their images for any type of advertisement. This is a win-win for you! Not only are you getting paid for your photography services, but you gain free advertisement from the vendor themselves.

Work For Free?

This is a controversial subject for many business owners. Obviously everyone wants paid for their work and services.

However, doing a little free work here and there could really work to your advantage in the long run. A few hours of your time could turn into multiple new clients and more business for you.

Benefits, parades, festivals, etc. are just a few examples of events you could offer your services for free. Not only will this get you noticed, but it will show you care about your community and enjoy using your services for good causes.


People like free stuff. Period. Consider hosting a contest or giveaway of some sort occasionally.

contest giveaway for marketing

Whether you are giving away a free session for new clients, an album of prints for previous clients, or even a camera or some type of gear (if you cater to other photographers), having others share your name and participate in contests is a wonderful way to gain exposure.

Exposure is crucial for photographers. Both in the beginning when you are first launching your business, and when you have become established but want to stay relevant.

With so many new photographers popping up daily, the competition is strong. The last thing you want to do is be forgotten about.

Business Cards and Flyers

This is one of the marketing tips that has been used for many years before social media was even a thing. However, you have to remember that sometimes going back to the basics is necessary.

The older generation isn’t as tech-savvy as the generation among us now. But, they are still just as in-need of business services as the younger generation. Putting out business cards and flyers to local businesses, schools, etc. effectively grabs the attention of specific target audiences.

In Summary

Whether you are a newbie trying to get noticed or a rookie that’s already made a name for yourself, use every marketing outlet possible to stay relevant and continuously build your clientele.

Free or cheap marketing means more money in your business bank account. So take advantage of the plethora of marketing tips for yourself and watch your business take off!

For more tips on all things photography, make sure you bookmark Mint Magnolia Photography check out the other posts on my blog!

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